Export business

Export business

For those looking for the originally-designed, high-quality and long-life industrial materials and machinery of Japanese made:
At RAISE WORLD, the staff members having business career of 15 years or more in export of industrial materials and machinery will evaluate and select Japanese products in accordance with the local demand, environment and regulations, and make proposals.

In Japan, there are a number of dormant manufacturers of small or medium scale that have high level of technology but are not doing overseas businesses.
We at RAISE WORLD cooperate with such companies having “hidden masterpieces” in doing overseas businesses or export businesses, so that we will be able to provide the overseas customers who are looking for Japanese products with various kinds of industrial materials and machinery.
For giving your requests or inquiries, please use the email format.

Supported areas

Raise's support

RAISE WORLD’s support
We wish to support such corporations as:

  • Corporations which are intended to import Japanese products of better quality, while maintaining the materials and machinery currently in use.
  • Corporations having difficulty in communication with Japanese corporations in making inquiries.
  • Corporations looking for originally-designed products which would solve the problems they are facing now.

Categories of products we deal in

Products related to plant/energy and crime/disaster prevention

Industrial machinery and plant facilities in the field of energy development, steelmaking, paper manufacturing, chemical products, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment, etc. In addition to these, products related to crime prevention or disaster prevention.

Products related to food, inspection, packing, and kitchen equipment

Dashers, transport equipment, filling equipment, weighing machines, foreign object selectors, packing machines, etc. used in food factories. Kitchen equipment and utensils.

Products related to the equipment for making plastic, pharmaceutical, automobile etc.

Factory machinery in the fields of plastic product manufacturing, automobile parts manufacturing, pharmaceutical plants, plant utilities, etc.


Export of machinery and equipment related to agricultural irrigation facilities, fishery-related facilities, cold chains, etc.

Industry for infrastructure/construction

Equipment and machinery related to the lifeline facilities such as water supply, water purification, gas and electricity. Equipment, facility and material related to civil engineering and building construction such as roads, bridges, harbors and building construction.

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